Building My Own Barbecue

One of the top favorite time pass in the U.S.A today is a barbecue get together: friends and family all gathered together in your backyard and having BBQ food. BBQ adds a unique flavor to food, an aroma which can only come from food cooked directly from charcoal-burned flames. Its aroma also creates an appetizing ambiance when cooked and forces your nearby friends and family to get involved.

Of course when you like something a lot you prefer to get your own equipment. Today almost every house in the suburbs has a built-in BBQ grill in the backyard garden. Every Family spends their weekends at their neighbor’s house or a relative’s house BBQ-ing some food. For those who don’t have one, think of buying one but the fear of having to hire a contractor that may spend hours to build you a grill makes you want to hold back, especially in these times of recession.

Designs To Consider

Well there is a new solution; you can build your own BBQ grill in your very own backyard. All you need is a lot of cement, bricks and a positive attitude. You can choose the kind of BBQ grill you wish to build. There is the traditional style of a three wall BBQ grill, with a hollow center for filling with charcoal and a simple grill hung 2 feet above the ground on the walls. Another way to do it is by creating a nice closure with four walls and a giant window on the front wall. This design also includes building a chimney. The reason this design is more popular is because it holds smoke built by the burning charcoal in the window for a longer time until the chimney airs it out. This brings in additional flavor into the food and cooks the meat better.

Buying The Right Materials

Building a BBQ grill may sound simple but it isn’t necessarily that easy. You need to know the right kind of materials to be used to build a permanent grill place. For example, you need to use bricks that retain heat but eventually cool off. Using house bricks is an excellent choice; any other kind of brick would retain heat and eventually start cracking.

Similarly when designing the structure you need to know exactly how big or small the grill should be. Building it too big or too small maybe useless and might not necessarily be effective. A wiser choice is to go to the nearest home center and buy yourself a “Kit” to build your own grill.

Donna J. Seymour