How to Choose the Right Rug for Your Home

Choosing a right rug which can last long and fit together in your decor is always going to be a tough ask. You need to make your decision based on some quality research. Give hours and hours of thought to come to a conclusion while making a decision about the rug, you want to have in your home.

Well, it heavily depends on a number of factors like…

1. Do you have pets in your home?

2. How many members do you have in your family as it will incorporate to a very important factor which is the traffic your rug is going to receive?

3. The nature of your kids if you have them. Are they playful or silent and sober?

4. What is your budget? Now this is an important section as a lot will depend upon it.

5. What’s your personal preference in terms of design quotient? This will deduce to a decision-making process when it comes to choosing a specific type of rug.

6. Any specific preference when it comes to material

These are just a few examples which are most common and people tend to make their decisions based on the above mentioned factors. You may also find people with more specifics in mind, which means they are looking for something precisely perfect and bang on target to fulfill their needs.

Let’s start with the above mentioned factors one by one and further decode them to let you know why these are important in making a decision.

A lot of families have pets in their homes and they are very fond of them. It is important that you opt for a rug which can sustain their rough touch, is resistant to stains and can be cleaned easily as muddy paws are very common to these houses.

For places with high traffic, the best carpet material would be wool. Carpets made of wool-have tones of advantages like they repel stains of water, they are warm and they are ideal for high traffic areas. The only one thing which you might need to consider is the fact that they come higher on the cost price.

If you have-kids in your home, then your decision should be based on two important factors; your budget and the fibre as it will be in direct contact with your child’s soft and tender skin. Cotton is probably the most affordable option as they are very easy to clean and good for your child’s skin. You can also consider wool if your budget allows it as they have a softer touch as compared to cotton fibre.

Well, your budget is ultimately the most important of them all. Here is a brief gist to guide you through it.

Wool Fibre: They start with mid range to expensive.

Cotton: They are cost effective and affordable.

Natural Fibres: They are affordable to mid-range.

Synthetics: They are affordable.

Hides: They come in mid-range.

Silk: They are expensive.

At last, your personal preference will pave the pave the way for specific rug with a design quotient which you love.

Donna J. Seymour