How to Make Solar Panels – Making Your Own Solar Panel at Home

How to Make Solar Panels – Making Your Own Solar Panel at Home

High quality solar panels are made of processed silicon, which are available in the most market today. However, many people are searching on how to make solar panels as alternative means of generating electricity for their homes.


With proper use of guide written by professional otherwise called “do it yourself” manual, you can assemble the solar components to generate energy from solar. Such guide is available in the Internet. Prior knowledge on electrical equipments and house wiring will be an added advantage to the building of solar panel easy. I reemphasize that having a good manual will eliminate any problem you will face in building one.


The first and essential step to take is to source for solar cell, which are known as photovoltaic cells. Solar cell is a semiconductor device that converts the energy of sunlight to electrical energy.

You choose the right place to install the panels. In choosing the right position, you must consider the area that receives the highest amount of sunshine. Usually the backyard and the flat roof are considered the best positions.

After considering the right position for you solar energy system, you arrange the cells in series or parallel on the floor. In addition, the cells should be arranged in titling angle for maximum trapping of the rays from the sun.


Getting started means, you have the complete components handy. The components required are:

  • Solar cell
  • Plexiglas
  • Scrap pile
  • Silicone caulk
  • Screw and Misc Hardware
  • Diode
  • Wire
  • Paint
  • Plug Newark electronics

To a non-professional some of these components may sound so technical but with adequate research and hard work, you will be conversant with them. All mentioned above can be acquired from eBay at affordable prices.

In summary, with a compressive guide written from a practical perspective making your solar panel at home will be easily accomplished.

The demand for solar energy is on the increase with increase in the prices of components. Therefore act now to have one for your home before it get out of common person reach.

Donna J. Seymour