Summer Garden Trends for 2022

Summer Garden Trends for 2022

As with everything else in modern life, trends and fashions are part and parcel of what is available in the shops and through online purchasing, and the same can be said for gardens and outdoor spaces.

So, if you are someone who is looking to rejuvenate or even entirely remodel your garden either this spring or later in the year, then continue reading to discover the top five summer garden trends for 2022.

1. Sustainable Materials

One of the biggest garden trends for summer 2022 is the move towards entirely sustainable and natural materials for all garden furniture and other permanent structures.

Sustainability is one of the most important movements in not only outdoor spaces across the length and breadth of the country but indoor spaces as well, and it is essential when remodelling or updating your garden to consider the sustainability of each and every installation.

2. Pastel Colours

Just as the world of fashion, clothing and accessories showcases different colours each new season, so does the world of gardening, and this year it is all about pastel-coloured flowers.

When looking to add an on-trend pastel palette to your garden, consider the following types of flowers:

  • Double Hollyhocks (in pale yellow)
  • Lily Elodie
  • Petunia Tumbelina Priscilla
  • Agapanthus Melbourne
  • Gladioli Adrenaline
  • Rose Peace
  • Iris Sibirca Dear Delight
  • Hibiscus Blue Chiffon

3. Water Features & Ponds

If you are only able to choose one summer garden trend from the list, you should seriously consider the addition of a small pond to your outdoor space.

There is a wide plethora of fantastic benefits to installing a pond, or even a water fountain or feature, into your garden. The beauty of such a decision is that not only will your garden be fashionable, but you will also benefit from an array of different species of wildlife visiting and even making your pond their new home.

If you do decide to invest in a garden pond or water feature, be sure to contact and purchase from a reputable and renowned water garden supplier, such as, to ensure your pond lasts for many years to come.

4. Wood Chip Paths

If your outdoor space already has a path or stepping stone trail in situ, the addition of this next 2022 summer garden trend will be both affordable and simple to add, and if not, then it may require some more consideration.

Wood chip pathways are by far the most unique summer trend this year and make for a beautiful aesthetic and also a practical way of getting around the garden, especially later on in the year when the garden and soil become boggy and muddy.

5. Organic Gardening

Thankfully, people across the length and breadth of this country and beyond are finally waking up to the fact that everyone must do their individual ‘bit’ to lower their carbon footprint and look after the natural environment around them.

Additionally, along with this eco-friendly way of gardening, organic gardening is also becoming one of the most popular summer garden trends and is hopefully one that remains for many, many years to come.

Donna J. Seymour