Repair Work to Keep You Busy During Winter

Don’t let the winter months stop you from getting any work done. Just because you prefer being bundled up and snug in the comforts of your home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be productive. Since the majority of the time it’s likely you’ll be forced to stay indoors, grab the opportunity and inspect your home for any damages in need of repair you won’t have time for in the warmer seasons.

Don’t bore yourself with the limited activities available to pass the time during the winter months. Take your cue from the things listed below to fix up your home and make the most out of your time indoors.

• Loose handles and hinges on doors, windows and furniture

You can probably fix this by tightening them up with the help of a screwdriver. In other cases, you may tighten and secure them better by using some glue or a larger screw. If this doesn’t work it may be time to head out and get some new handles or hinges to replace the ill-fitting ones you have.

• Squeaky hinges

To eliminate that annoying squeaky sound caused by the hinges of your doors, squeeze some oil or some powdered graphite alongside the pins. For doors that stick, take some sandpaper and smooth out corners for a better fit on the door frame. Repaint or touch up the area so the damage won’t be noticeable.

• Blistered paint on the ceiling of your shower area

This area is frequently exposed to heat and moisture so this makes the paint easily damaged. The first step is to scrape of any peeling paint, leaving a smooth surface for repainting. It’s best to use paint made for the outdoors as this will be more sustainable to exposure to temperature changes and moisture.

• Creaky floors

The usual problem that causes creaky floors is that they aren’t secured down tight enough. To remedy this, secure them with screws that are meant for floorboards and aren’t noticeable. A quick alternative would also be to put talcum powder in the spaces in between floor panels. This lubricates the floor and reduces friction when they rub against each other.

• Rusty valves

Inspect valves behind toilet bowls and under sinks for rust. This makes them function less well and may even make them difficult to open and close. Prevent them from rusting in place by putting a bit of oil and twisting the handles to work it in.

Donna J. Seymour