Help Deciding on a Good Tile Cleaning Service

If you flip through your local phone book, you will probably notice a number of advertisements for generic carpet and tile cleaning services. The problem with many of these services is that they do not understand that carpet cleaning and tile cleaning are two very different processes, largely because some of them will hire almost anyone to work at them with minimal training. It’s a frightening occurrence to think of someone with two days of training coming into your home and using chemicals and high-pressure tools to try to clean your floor without damaging it and takes a fair amount of research to find the perfect service.

What you likely want to do is sit down and talk with the service for a moment beforehand. Asking them questions about their training process and how long they’ve been in business to make sure that they have the experience you want is important and can be very reassuring or an immediate red flag. You do not want a service that does not have quality equipment, or has minimal experience with the machines. Also, when you receive a quote for the work done, be on the look-out for extremely high or extremely low prices; most quality places will charge per the square foot so you know precisely what they are doing and to where.

You also want to look out for people who are generally friendly and courteous when you call them. This tends to assure that they are serious about your satisfaction as a customer and may even guarantee satisfaction since sometimes problems can arise days after the cleaning has occurred (scratches may become visible or other damage like loose tiles may become apparent). When they enter your home it is also important to observe them and their pre-cleaning process. If they do not bother to even look at the area and simply get to work without determining what needs to be done, this can be an immediate red flag that you could be dealing with a bunch of amateurs.

If you are home while they are cleaning, be absolutely certain that they take time and consideration for your tile-it may be a very durable surface, but tile can also be rather vulnerable to chemicals, high pressure washing and water damage if not cared for properly. It is also important to make sure that everything is dried carefully or at least addressed afterwards. Hopefully with these tips on what to expect from a cleaning service, you can now determine just who to hire for a satisfactory and complete job without destroying your tile in the process.

Donna J. Seymour