Business premises should have entrance mats

Business premises should have entrance mats

Many business owners are aware of the benefits of custom logo rugs. They keep offices clean and look professional. These are the most important functions a custom logo rugs must perform. There are many benefits and functions that custom logo rugs can provide, but not everyone is aware of them. Let’s take the time to look at them and see how hard entrance mats actually work.

Slip Resistant Safety in Wet Weather

Let’s agree from the beginning that wherever there is a flooring, a slipping hazard is always present. Stone flooring and tiles, while generally safe, can be unpredictable when wet. People who step in from the outdoors bring water, dripping from bags, umbrellas, coats, and shoes. This creates a slippery path that makes it easier for people to slip and fall.

Sometimes used in combination with indoor entry mats, absorbent outdoor mats help drain water from shoe soles and drips from accessories and gear. The inside of your office will remain drier so you are less likely to slip, fall or be sued. Most custom logo rugs come with a vinyl or rubber base. This keeps the moisture from getting under the floor, meaning that your office or lobby will look cleaner. Water can be easily removed from the surface without creating a mess.

Affordable and Durable Flooring Choice

To create a more luxurious entrance atmosphere, many businesses will invest in high-end carpets and expensive rugs. The decorative aspect of carpets or rugs is often ignored. If carpets or rugs are used in high-traffic areas, such as entrances and lobbies of buildings, they tend to wear out quicker. This can reduce their lifespan as well.

It is both durable and practical as an entrance mat for commercial spaces. Custom logo rugs can have a carpet-like appearance, which makes them look elegant and sophisticated as carpets. It’s a win/win situation for businesses. They get a professional look for their entrances, lobbies, and have a product that lasts longer and offers better value for money.

Easy Customization, Installation, and Maintenance

Installation of the entrance matting is very simple. It can be delivered quickly and installed in no time.

You can also customize your entrance mats to fit your needs. They can be personalized with company branding, such as logos, taglines, and more. They come in a variety of colors, so they will match any office decor.

 Safe, dry, and clean floors

Tile flooring is a common option for elevators. This is great for durability, but not so great when it comes to dealing with standing water. Visitors to your building will stand in the elevators on rainy days and let their shoes, coats, and umbrellas drip onto your floors. The elevator mats prevent puddled water becoming a safety hazard by preventing it from forming into slip-and-fall hazards.

Protect yourself against damage during move-in or move-out.

It is almost impossible to avoid damage to elevators cabs in move-ins or outs, no matter how careful residents or occupants are. Protect the elevator cab walls with moving curtains. Why not do the same for your elevator floor?

It is cheaper than replacing installed cab flooring.

Slipcovers can be a cost-effective way to refresh a couch or an elevator cab. Custom mats can also be used. For the best cost-effective improvement, choose a charcoal mat. You can also add some style to the mat by adding a decorative border or the name of your building inlaid directly into it.

Donna J. Seymour