The Kitchen Fan – Its Importance in the Pantry

The rise of the economic situation in many places today can be seen in the homes that people build. They are huge and fully furnished. In the kitchen, you will find that it is equipped with professional grade cooking appliances. This can have a significant effect on the quality of the air inside, that is, if the kitchen is not well-ventilated.

If the kitchen in your home lacks proper ventilation, you will find that its temperature is high and the smell of cooking persists even with the passage of time. You may not know it, but it doesn’t sound healthy at all. This is because gas, smoke, and moisture that are released into the air when you cook can change air quality. This can be damaging to your health and furnishings. The gas released by your oven or gas range is carbon monoxide. It is certainly not healthy at all.

Here are some good reasons why kitchen fans are important:

1. They maintain good indoor air quality.

Kitchen ventilators suck air from the kitchen and out into the atmosphere. This keeps the air quality of your entire house clean and odor-free. With the absence of foul air in your kitchen, you are making your family safe from the harmful effects of carbon monoxide.

2. Kitchen fans work to reduce heat in the kitchen.

An enclosed kitchen is quite hot especially if you are using your stove or oven. With proper ventilation, heat is diverted to the outer part of your house. This can prevent the buildup or heat in the area.

3. They help to prevent the buildup of moisture.

Poorly ventilated kitchens easily accumulate moisture, especially in the areas where the stove, oven and other appliances are located. Moisture can stimulate the growth of molds and mildew, which in turn, trigger allergies on sensitive individuals.

The installation of kitchen fans can prevent moisture buildup and the eventual growth of molds in your kitchen.

4. Kitchen ventilators help to provide comfort and increase productivity.

Even if you are in your own house, you won’t actually feel comfortable if you are working in a hot spot. This can make you uncomfortable and irritable. Your condition can also make you less productive. Working in this condition can make you tense. It can even trigger high blood pressure which is quite unhealthy.

These are just some of the good stuff you need to know about the need to install kitchen fans in your pantry.

What are the bad stuff?

The downside of using kitchen fans is the possible noise they produce when you turn them on. A good approach to avoid this is to buy good quality ventilators that are more silent at work than others. Noisy ventilators are most often those that are cheap and of low quality. You should ask for a demo of the unit you choose before buying it. This will ensure that you are buying a silent kitchen fan. A difference of a few dollars will not matter as long as you’re sure that the thing you buy will be able to give you some real benefits in the long-term.

Donna J. Seymour