Water Leak Detection – Instruments and Technologies Used for Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection – Instruments and Technologies Used for Leak Detection

Water leak detection instruments are those electronic alarms that are used to discover water leaks. They are located decisively at those places where the likelihood or chances of leak detection can be high such as under the toilet tanks or near the dishwasher. Similarly water leak detection technology is used to detect water leaks in enclosed pipes. If the leak identified is small, then we can repair it before it takes a considerable form causing massive amount of damage.

When these apparatus get in touch with the water, they liberate a very loud sound. These systems are either very easy or intricate. Well-timed and standard water leak detection techniques can help in evading failures and protect your important belongings from getting damaged from water.

In general, there are three main leak detection instruments and technologies:

1. Passive

2. Active

3. Underground

Passive Water Leak Detection instruments are battery operated devices. So, the batteries must be charged periodically. These are placed at spots prone to water leaks. These instruments have a dampness sensor along with an alarm generating system. On sensing water leak, they produce a huge startling and disturbing sound. These alarm sounds alert you to action. Alarm sound is produced when their moisture sensor becomes moist. These are quite reasonable and very easy to set up. The passive detection technology makes use of a technology named as noise acoustic data loggers. These loggers direct sound down the pipe. If there is a break in the pipe, it presents a higher conflict and the sound intensity increases. Data loggers determine the augmented noise level and record that area as a plausible leak in the pipe. A problem related with this technology that pipe decomposition, which also increases resistance, may be taken as a leak.

Active Leak Detection Instruments also comprises of an alarming system which on producing a sound makes you aware about the presence of a leak. These perform a function that will stop the water flow. These instruments can be designed to turn off the main water supply as the alarm sounds. Active detection instruments are sub-divided into two categories: individual and whole appliance system. Individual active instruments check and detect leaks from single appliance like washing machine. Whole active instruments are composed of many moisture sensors. When a leak is sited, these systems exit the main water supply.

There are particular sound detection systems designed to notice some underground leaks and stop disasters from occurring. These instruments use polished and developed microphones to detect leaks through sounds. These discover the calm mumbling of water as it leaks out of the small break or hole.

All the instruments and technologies described above are used by professionals working in several different areas of work.

Donna J. Seymour