10 Ways to Save Money When Choosing a Pest Control Company

10 Ways to Save Money When Choosing a Pest Control Company

Despite first glance, there are ways to save money when it comes to choosing a pest control company.

10) Do It Yourself

A popular route for many, you can save money on labor and possibly a little bit on the products used. The only real drawback is possibly not knowing enough to get the most protection needed. Remember, real exterminators are trained and certified for a reason.

9) Wintertime Deal

Did you know that the wintertime is usually the slowest season for exterminators? Because of this you might be able to strike a deal with a small local pest control company that is willing to give you cheaper services just to have your business.

Business men have taken this approach before to strike up a relationship with a service provider, guaranteeing service at a tolerable rate.

8) Price Matching

Some pest control companies have been known to match competitors prices. This could mean getting a company of your choice to do the job another unknown company is offering to do at a great rate. It never hurts to deal with your service providers, keep in mind a small local company will be easier to deal with than a big name.

7) Get a Cat, or Grass Spiders

Some animals not only make great pets, but they can also make great exterminators. Cats will usually keep your home free of mice and other rodents, while strategically placed spiders can catch all of the flies, moths, and other flying insects that become a great nuisance.

A quick Google search can tell you everything you need to know about making spiders your pets.

6) Pay By the Season

Instead of paying a yearly or monthly contract for pest control, try paying just for the months you know you will need it. This can vary depending on where you live, but for most people this will include the spring and summer months. Businesses can also save a lot of money using this method, however, if your business includes accommodating the general public (like a restaurant or convenience store) then you will want to keep your yearly or monthly services intact.

5) Referrals

Many companies offer discounts to current customers if they refer a friend or family member to the company. This can result in very cheap pest control services if you are the customer doing the referring.

4) Online Directories

Yelp, Kudzu, HotFrog, Thumbtack, Google Business, and a whole host of other directories are avalaible online for consumers to find the service they like. Most of these directories allows the business to offer deals to potential customers. This could be you if you are looking in the right place.

3) Coupon Sites

Groupon, Amazon Local, Living Social, and a lot of other sites like these could possibly have deals and discounts related to your pest solution needs.

2) Pay Upfront

It’s true. If you talk to your pest control company, especially a local independent company, it is possible that they will take cash upfront for a job at a lower rate than they would otherwise. It is also possible that a large company will take you up on this kind of offer. One of the worst things any company can have is unpaid debts owed to them. A deal like this takes care of this issue right away, so almost any company, not just pest control companies, will want to accept this offer.

1) Google Search

Do a quick Google search for pest control coupons in your area. It may sound really simple, but this is a quick way to find results. Sometimes it might show a Yelp deal, but a lot of the times it could show a local company that only shows their deals on their company website. This is worth looking into. Why? Because it gives you a deal and the company a deal. There isn’t any paying to a middle man involved, which makes all the difference to the company you are trying to get services from!

There are probably more, but these are ten really good ways to save money.

Donna J. Seymour