Pesticides Are Poisons That Should Be Avoided

Pesticides are dangerous. They are chemical creations designed to kill or seriously compromise living things. Yes, pests are small creatures compared to humans so many people believe that exposure to pesticides designed to kill tiny little bugs can’t possibly hurt them. Well that is plain wrong.

If you took a hammer and banged your thumb it will hurt for a bit. But you’d still be able to accomplish everyday tasks like driving, fastening buttons, eating, etc. But what if you took that same hammer and banged your thumb in the exact same spot every day? After just a few days, the flesh of your thumb would be so inflamed and damaged that you could not possibly think to use it.

That is kind of like pesticides – one exposure isn’t so bad but repeated exposure does incredible, cumulative damage.

Another cumulative example is sun exposure. A case of sunburn here and there seems innocent enough. But multiple sunburns over time cause deep tissue damage that leads to wrinkles, discoloration and even worse – skin cancer. Skin cancer is caused by repeated sun damage and kills thousands of people every year.

See the theme here? One or two instances of a bad thing may be okay but the accumulation of multiple exposures is terrible!

In our society, we are well trained to stay away from most toxic substances. Think of the energy used to keep dangerous substances at bay – cabinet locks, child proof medicine lids and all the ‘warnings’ we see on package labels. Would you knowingly feed your child poisons? Of course not! But pesticide poisons are everywhere.

Pesticides are substances that we know are toxic but instead of avoiding them, we embrace them all the time. We apply them to our skin for pest repellents. We blindly accept pest control in our food supply. (Fact: More than 300 pounds of pesticides per person per year is used in US crop production for our food supply.) Plus we pay good money to have them applied regularly in our homes, schools and businesses. These pesticides are odorless, colorless, poisonous fumes that we continuously breathe, eat and absorb everyday!

What is the solution? Use safe and natural products that control pests but do not harm humans. Nature provides ingredients and green minded companies offer safe formulations that work. Stop the cumulative effects of pesticide exposure for yourself and your children. Say no to pesticide poisons!

Donna J. Seymour